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Make Me!

Making your very own Broga Bach is simple with our step-by-step instructions!

First, gather everything you need. You can use card or thick paper, some paint and a dab or two of glue. We find old cereal boxes and a bit of green, white and black poster paint work best.

For this project, you'll need:

Step 1 - The Face
Broga's Face - White

Cut out Broga's face. It's an oval, but something a bit rounder won't hurt.

Broga's Face - Green

Paint the face our lovely Broga Bach green. Or pink. Or blue. The choice is yours!
Step 2 - The Eyes
Remember we need two of these!
Broga's Eye - White

Again the eyes are ovals, but they're almost round.
Broga's Eye - with Border

Paint them white and add a border the same colour as the face
Broga's Eye - Finished

Leave to dry then add the pupils using a marker pen - or paint if you're brave
Step 3 - The Mouth
Broga's Mouth - White

Cut out Broga's mouth. It's an semi-circle.
Broga's Mouth - Painted

Paint it white. Ours is a little off-white so we can see it.
Step 4 - Final Assembly
Broga Bach - Assembled

Carefully glue the mouth and eyes to the face. Broga's nose is just two dabs of paint.

Scissors, glue and paint should only be used with adult supervision. We'll be adding some more crafty ideas in the next few weeks.

Broga Bach's design is the copyright © Broga Bach. Instructions are provided for personal use and entertainment and must not be used for commercial gain.