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At Broga Bach we offer a flexible approach to childcare.

Our core hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm - but please talk to us if you require care for your child at the weekend!

Our fees represent great value for money and include meals and healthy snacks throughout the day, with cows' milk or water available at any time (but not baby milk)*.

Full Time (Mon - Fri)£175 per week8am to 6pm
Full Day£37 per day8am to 6pm
Half Day£21 per session8am to 1pm

1pm to 6pm
Hourly Sessions**£5 per hourBetween 8am and 6pm

* We ask parents of babies in our care to supply formula milk already made up in bottles.
** We aim to offer a flexible service, but single hourly sessions are not available between 12pm and 1pm.

Broga Bach Day Nursery - Rated 5 Stars for Food Hygiene

Broga Bach Day Nursery, St David's Industrial Estate, Pengam, Blackwood NP12 3SW
Telephone 01443 879013 and 07966 037533

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